Finance for Founders

Learn how to manage your finances while growing as an entrepreneur.

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Finally. The course on money that we've all been waiting for.

Within our community, one of the topics we don't talk about enough is finances (aka money) because it can be frustrating, complicated, and uncomfortable.

When we avoid this topic, it becomes a silent tool for oppression for our community and stifles our growth.

But today, we're going to go THERE.

We've connected with a CPA to help change the way you view finances as a founder, and to give you a better understanding on how you can make better money decisions.

If you're looking to make more, and lose less, this course is for you.
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Meet your teacher

Charlene Assam

Charlene Assam is a certified public accountant, auditor and full-time YouTuber based out of Atlanta, GA. She is also the face behind TheMigrantHope, which is a platform that serves as ‘connectors” for young Black professionals.

As part of TheMigrantHope, you'll get access to content centered around personal finance and self-development for young Black professionals and allies.

If you're a new entrepreneur and you need guidance and help with making better money choices, Charlene can help you with monthly bookkeeping and financial statement preparations, and helping you understand what your significant cost drivers are and how to consequently drive revenue.

Hit the button below to contact her!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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Business Profitability

What does it *really* mean to be profitable as a business owner?

Before you can truly focus on accomplishing this, you have to understand the basics first: assets, liabilities, and equity from a business standpoint. 

Once you understand that, you'll have a better idea on how to use these components drive profitability in your business.
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Managing Expenses

Most founders know how to sell and generate revenue, but they lose because of expenses.

In this course, you'll learn how to cut-down on expenses, and narrow down your business liabilities as a new founder.
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Personal Finance For Founders

As an entrepreneur, you need to get to the point where you can pay yourself, while still having a thriving business. 

In this course, we tackle how you can better manage your personal finances, and incorporate items like retirement accounts and savings best practices as you continue on your entrepreneurial journey.
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