Lesson series

Marketing 101

by the Creative Director for PAPER Magazine

Everything you should know about marketing as a new entrepreneur.

Why is this important?

You can have the best idea in the world but if you don't know how to market it to get customers, you're wasting your time. In this lesson, Courtney breaks down:
  • The difference between marketing and branding
  • Common marketing mistakes founders make
  • Developing a brand marketing campaign
  • Market research
  • Establishing brand equity
  • Tools to help you beast your marketing goals
Meet the TEACHER

Courtney Richardson

Courtney Richardson is an ADCOLOR-nominated and two-time Shorty award-winning creative visionary who serves as Creative Director and Resident CultureExpert for PAPER Magazine.

At PAPER, Courtney leads original ideas and disruptive thinking on behalf of numerous brands and celebrities within pop culture, entertainment, beauty & fashion spaces. She has proven experience in producing effective brand and marketing campaigns, media engaged events, and thoughtful strategies.

Outside of PAPER Magazine, Courtney is the Founder of Do It For the Brand, a social collective whose mission is ensure the cultural currency of Black and brown female voices across creative industries is  uplifted, empowered and activated.

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