5 steps to building an MVP

The first step in proving your business idea viability is with a minimum viable product (MVP).

Today, we want to share what every founder should know about building a minimum viable product, and 5 steps to take you there.

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Why is this important?

One of the most common mistakes that founders make is spending too much time, money, and energy on your business before validating it.

Don't be like those founders, and make that same mistake.

You need this resource if:
👉🏾 You haven't built an MVP yet and you're trying to
👉🏾 You need to figure out what to put in your MVP
👉🏾 You're still confused about what an MVP is and why you need one
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Listen to these startup founders drop gems on building an MVP and actionable tips on how you can do it too.

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MVP 101

Learn what an MVP is and why you need to develop one for your startup.
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MVP and the founder journey

Learn how developing an MVP helped the founder of The Mercer Club in the early days of building his biz.
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