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Should you pivot in your business?

by the CEO of Cherry Blossom Intimates

There is no bigger destroyer of startup potential than not pivoting in your business when needed.

Figure out when your business should pivot, or persevere.

Why is this important?

A great founder knows how to align their skills and efforts in a way that creates value and drives growth. They know when to pivot, and aren't afraid of change.

In this lesson, the founder of Cherry Blossom Intimates discusses:
  • When you should pivot in your business
  • Red flags to look for in your business
  • Reasons why you should pivot
  • How to create a team culture that embraces change
  • What she's learned the most about pivoting
Meet the TEACHER

Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones is the founder and CEO of Cherry Blossom Intimates, a first of its kind breast health facility and intimates boutique. Cherry Blossom Intimates is a place where any woman, no matter her size or breast cancer stage, can feel beautiful and shop for intimates.

Aside from being Founder and CEO of Cherry Blossom Intimates, and Vice President of the Young Professional Advisory Council of Breast Care for Washington, Jasmine is the Founder and President of The Global Literacy Initiative, an organization that seeks to improve the lives of children through the eradication of illiteracy and the facilitation of a modern love for reading in order for every child to have quality educational tools in their homes. 

Jasmine's accomplishments include the titles of Miss District of Columbia 2016 and Miss Black District of Columbia USA. She is also a Forbes 30 Under 30 listmaker. 
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